Babe of the Day: Valeria Orsini
Valeria Orsini is a 23-year-old model of Colombian, Italian, and Puerto Rican descent. She's originally from Miami, Florida but splits her time between her hometown, Los Angeles and New York City.
Playboy Magazine Releases Hebrew Version
No longer will Israelis be subjected to spanking off to nudie magazines in a language other than their own; this week Playboy released a Hebrew edition of the iconic lifestyle rag for the "discriminating gentlemen” of the holy land.
Jeanette Reid — Babe of the Day
Jeanette Reid is a professional model from Los Angeles, California. She has appeared in Playboy Magazine Special Editions 2011, the 2012 Rockstar Calendar, a Manny Pacquiao commercial shoot San Manuel Casino and on the official Manny Pacquiao website.

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