Sometimes it's really hard to choose between babes and booze. Let's stop choosing and just have both at the same time. Deal?

You can have your babes and drink wine too if you're a member of the Playboy Wine Club (PWC)! Okay, so they're not going to send you babes, but we are really into the fact that Playboy is re-introducing the whole 'Playboy lifestyle' thing again, because anything we can do to be more like Hugh Hefner, we're going to do. Come on, did you see who he is engaged to?

Anyway, the PWC features wines that are curated by an expert panel, and "focused on approachable luxury," which translates to: "this isn't that expensive, but it looks expensive and will impress babes," which is our number one preference for wine.

You can either purchase individual bottles on the site (prices range from $13-$150/bottle) or you can join the club and receive a case of wine 4x a year. They also have a program called "blind date," which sends you a mystery bottle. We don't know much about wine, but we know babes love it, and we also know it's expensive. We also know that we'd pretty much trust Playboy with our lives, after so many years of faithful service to our testosterone, so we're thinking about signing up. We hope our membership comes with a decoder ring.