Workplace ink?
I was raised in a very religious home. I went to church six days a week. I was raised, though, with the value that no one is different from anyone else. Whether you have light skin or dark skin, whether you believe in God or not or even if you have tattoos, you are no better than the next person.
I Just Got the Most Beautiful Tattoo
Yesterday, I went and got a new tattoo.
It's a rendition of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man drawing, depicting the perfect measurements of the human anatomy.
I'm 100% blown away by the quality and detail and effort.
Congrats to Our Tattoo Story Winners!
We asked you to share your tattoo story for a chance at tickets for the 2014 Tattoo Convention at the Three Rivers Convention Center. We had some great responses, but these are our winners!
Congrats, and thanks for your submissions!
Did Fieldy from Korn Actually Get A Crucifix Face Tattoo? [PHOTO]
About a year ago Korn released the music video for 'Way Too Far'. It showed the band members doing outrageous stunts and activities, just going way too far with whatever they were doing. Fieldy's too far moment was a juggaloesque face tattoo with a bandana.
The one for the video was definitely a fake…

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