When Do You Do Your Taxes In Washington?
I hate doing taxes. One of the reasons I hate doing taxes is that I end up paying in about as much as one of my paychecks is. I never have enough extra money left over to do anything else after paying my bills, let alone pay my taxes. I always have to make payments to the tax board. But it is what i…
If IRS Says There's a Warrant for You for Tax Evasion, SCAM!
A Facebook friend posted today their daughter in law got a call from the IRS saying there was a warrant out for their arrest for tax evasion and police were on their way but they would take payment over the phone. Several other Mid Columbia residents replied that they'd gotten the SAME CALL!
State System Already Broken, Say Pot Growers, Sellers
It was supposed to be a win-win.    People clamoring for their weed would be able to legally smoke it,   the state would sell it making millions and millions in revenue, the debt would shrink, and everyone would be happy. It's not turning out that way.
Tax Day Freebies
Doing taxes is painful that's why some retailers are trying to make it less painful by giving to free stuff. Check out the complete list are participating locations.

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