Weber Canyon road has re-opened after being closed for over an hour, due to a brush fire that popped up around noon Tuesday (June 1).

Benton County Fire District 2 officials reported some people who were apparently target shooting on BLM land between Badger Canyon Road and County Well Road are believed to have triggered the fire.

Weber Canyon fire (BCSO)
Weber Canyon fire (BCSO)

Under our extremely dry conditions, with high fire danger, the heat advisory is not helping. Triple digits are expected Wednesday and Thursday as well.

It is not known how many acres burned, but the Benton County Sheriff's Department provided a few pictures once the fire was contained. No damage to any structures was reported.

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Benton County District 2 and other fire officials say it's best of people stay out of rural brush areas, especially in vehicles, due to the high fire danger; for at least the next couple of days.

A hot exhaust, a spark from a train, a cigarette, are just a few of the items that can spark a large fire. Due to dry conditions, and if there's any wind, they move fast.

Some officials believe we could be in for a hot and long fire season this year.

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