There aren't many things better than unintentional comedy. In this case, someone is using their cousin's sent text messages as their punchline. 'Texts From Bennett' is, according to the site at least, 100% real and documents text conversations between a guy named Mac and his cousin Bennett. Bennett (pictured to the left)  is a 17 year old who has a hard time grasping the English language and has an interesting outlook on a few aspects of life.

You know, like the 'McDonald's Trick' or how to 'Join the Illuminati'...there are a few dozen of these text exchanges thus far and are increasing all the time.

How long before Bennett catches on that he is the butt of an internet joke? Probably, and hopefully, never. This site is too good to not check on a daily basis. You can also follow @TextsFrmBennett to stay up to date with the comedic stupidity.