For the first time in 75-years, the Tournament of Roses Parade, in Pasadena, is canceled due to the Corona Virus Pandemic.  For a lot of us, THIS is what we watch on New Year's Day.  It's a tradition in my family, usually, followed by the Rose Bowl football game.

Now what?  I read the news on Facebook.  The last time the parade was canceled was because of World War II.

According to the Rose Parade's official Twitter account:

Rose Parade

With tremendous disappointment, we are unable to host the 2021 #RoseParade. We will miss the joy of coming together for the Rose Parade, but will not miss this opportunity to celebrate a New Year & healthy new beginnings on January 1.

Apparently, there's a lot that goes into the elaborate floats.  (Say what?)  Volunteers usually begin to show up as early as March to begin assembling the floats.  Due to "safer-at-home" orders in California, this wasn't allowed to happen.

Because of school closures, high school bands who were scheduled to participate weren't able to practice.  And because of travel restrictions, many international bands couldn't make the trip.

The safety and well-being of the event's participants and guests are what matter to parade organizers.  The canceled event was made public Wednesday morning.

As of now, the Rose Bowl football game is scheduled.  However, it's not been determined if there will be an audience practicing social distancing, or if the stadium will be empty.  Some decisions have yet to be made.

The Tournament of Roses is hoping to team up with its broadcast team to have some type of televised event including a socially distanced celebration.

Plans are to be unveiled soon.  Read more here.

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