With our awesome summer temperatures, many are in desperate need of a pool. There are plenty of options, near and far, exciting and relaxing, at our disposal. Here's a list of a few around us!

Marzanna Syncerz
  • 1

    CBRC Pelican Bay -- Richland

    Columbia Basin Racket Club right off the Bypass in Richland has its own outdoor waterpark! They have guest passes for the water park available. The park has a lazy river, slides, diving boards...this would be such a fun day for both kids and adults!

  • 2

    Memorial Pool -- Pasco

    Being local and inexpensive, Memorial Pool is a great choice for a hot afternoon. They have two giant slides, big pools, and a diving board.

  • 3

    Hermiston Family Aquatic Center

    Just south of Tri Cities, the Hermiston Pool also gives you quite the bang for you buck. The drive into Oregon gets you slides, a lazy river, and more.

  • 4

    Surf 'n Slide Water Park -- Moses Lake

    Moses Lake looks like a really fun day trip, this park sounds amazing! With everyone getting in for $10 or less, I think it'd be worth the drive. Surf simulator, slides, lazy river...sounds like a blast!

  • 5

    Splash Down -- Spokane

    A little further of a drive will get you a quite a bit bigger of a park. Splash down has serious rides and slides (the Fastball having a six story span) -- this would definitely be an awesome day trip with friends and family.

  • 6

    Boulder Beach, Silverwood -- North of Couer d'Alene, ID

    Everyone knows Silverwood Theme Park, but its water park is not to be overlooked. Regular admission gets you into both the theme park and water park. They have all the classics plus the new Riptide Racer. A trip to Silverwood is also an exciting time.