The Biggest Yakima Food Trends of April 2022

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Yakima Food Trends April 2022
Febrian Zakaria on Unsplash/CANVA

Spring is in the air in Yakima and so are some of the biggest food trends of April 2022! If you are hungry, you might want to grab a snack before you read this because something on this list will likely make you salivate! These SIX FOOD YAKIMA TRENDS FOR APRIL 2022 are in no particular order, just my observations whilst driving around in my car and perusing local menus online.


FOOD TREND: Hot Chicken Sandwiches

I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, eating hot chicken before it was "cool". The original place that gave birth to one of THE hottest food trends in the country, mind you, is Prince's Hot Chicken Shack on Jefferson St. That location has since closed and moved on to bigger and better (and new) locations and the food trend has made its way into more fast food local restaurant menus beside KFC's Hot Chicken Sliders. Wendy's now has a Hot Honey Butter Chicken Sandwich, they just said, hey, we're gonna combine all the hot food trends in one sandwich!

KFC Nashville Hot Chicken Tenders Combo


FOOD TREND: Honey Butter Chicken Sandwiches

I have been seeing fast food places offering more "honey butter" stuff. Like the new Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit and Honey Butter Chicken Sandwich at Wendy's, and the Crispy Chicken Sandwich at Provision's Restaurant that has "spicy honey butter."


Wendys Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich
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Birria is definitely nothing new but it is so tasty and has also become one of the hottest food trends around these parts of Yakima Valley. I have been waiting for MONTHS for the Yakima location of JJ's Birrieria & Antojitos to open at 1410 S 3rd Ave (in the updated shopping strip next to Furniture Max), meanwhile, Second Street Grill (28 N 2nd St, Yakima) has already added Birria Quesadillas to their dinner menu.

Birria Tacos
Photo by Jesse Cortez on Unsplash
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FOOD TREND: Beer Cheese

Beer cheese has been around for a while but it is slowly making its way to several Yakima area restaurant menus. Try the giant pretzel with beer cheese at Second Street Grill, Red Robin's Bear Claw pretzel bites, or at Public House of Yakima. Norm's of Yakima has a new menu item that comes with beer cheese, as well. They are calling it, "Trailer Park Nachos."

Red Robin Pretzel Bites with Beer Cheese
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FOOD TREND: Brunch with a Twist

Brunch has always been a thing, but it has resurged in Yakima as one of the latest food trends. Mangoz Grill (901 W Yakima Ave Suite 6B, Yakima) has begun offering a health-conscious brunch option and Yakima's newest restaurant, Eats & Elixirs (910 Summitview Ave, Yakima), hosts a brunch palette with the most creative waffles I've ever seen.

Eats and Elixirs Brunch Waffle
Reesha Cosby via Facebook
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FOOD TREND: Vegan Options (More!)

My daughter, Willow, loves MOD Pizza; it's her favorite restaurant. So she asked me to order her a pepperoni pizza for dinner tonight and I said sure. I am on a special diet for the next month or so, and pizza is definitely not allowed. There are, however, some alternative ingredient options I can ask for so that I, too, can enjoy "pizza" without feeling sad and mopey about it. MOD Pizza (2550 W Nob Hill Blvd Suite 100, Yakima) is offering seasonal and limited-time pizza toppings, including dairy-free cheese, plant-based sausage, kale, carrots, + shredded broccoli power blend. If you are going dairy and gluten-free you can also order the Cauliflower crust instead of the regular flour one. I actually tried the cauliflower crust thinking it would taste like cardboard but it was surprisingly delicious. Thank you, MOD Pizza! I didn't like the dairy-free cheese, though, sorry not sorry!

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