The annual clash between Oregon and Oregon State on the gridiron, or in any other sporting competition between the two schools, male or female, will no longer be called the Civil War, effective immediately. Any association with the conflict that pitched supporters of slavery against abolitionists will be permanently removed.

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University of Oregon president Michael H. Schill remarked, “We must all recognize the power of words and the symbolism associated with the Civil War. … We look forward to our continued and fierce in-state rivalry with Oregon State in all sports.”

Schill also thanked current and former student-athletes who raised concerns about the name given to the sporting rivalry between the two universities.

“We need to make this change to align the words and symbols we use around athletic endeavors with our shared campus values of equity and inclusivity,” Schill said

The decision will go into effect immediately and will apply to all athletic competitions in the 2020-21 academic year and beyond.

“Today’s announcement is not only right but is a long time coming …Thanks also to our current student-athletes for their leadership and input during this process,” said Oregon Director of Athletics Rob Mullens in a statement.

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In a press release issued by Oregon State University president Ed Ray, he said the universities agreed to drop the name as it has a connection to a war fought to preserve slavery. “Changing this name is overdue,” Ray said. “While not intended as reference to the actual Civil War, OSU sports competition should not provide any misconstrued reference to this divisive episode in American history. That we did not act before to change the name was a mistake.”

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