Kennewick City just announced it will build another roundabout -- the city's 22! Roundabouts (compared to traditional 4-way stops) are ridiculously simple, inexpensive and safe. If you have trouble with roundabouts, you're probably too stupid to drive.

In all my years I have NEVER, not once, heard a decent reason for opposing or disliking roundabouts.

Let's go over the reasons to prefer them:

  • they're cheaper for the city to build and maintain -- saving us tax dollars.
  • they're much, much safer -- they save lives AND tax dollars because police, fire and ambulance don't have to respond to collisions in intersections.
  • they're faster -- you never have to sit at a light again
  • you never have to mess with protected arrows again
  • if you made a wrong turn, flipping a U is as easy as staying in your lane!
  • the rules are exceedingly simple (much simpler than rules for a 4-way stop or an intersection): vehicles in the roundabout have the right of way.

So who wins the debate? Hmmm, lemme think.