Hi, my name is Iceman. I am a funny, nice, caring, and relatively good-looking guy. All the qualities that would suggest I could date that smoking hot girl I'm infatuated with. INCORRECTOMUNDO. Instead of being the lucky bastard calling that girl my own, I sit and willingly listen to her $#!^. Don't get me wrong, I love being a shoulder to cry on. I like being the one person somebody can lean on, go to. I am that to a lot of people. My only problem in this scenario is that she is really ridiculously hot with a perfect body and only dates ugly ass-clown douchebags. Ugly ass-clown douchebags. She doesn't know she's beautiful, and I feel like a broken record for repeating myself. As far as I know, she feels nothing for gorgeous me. Scenario sounding familiar? I guess I have the belief that if I keep being there for her, being sweet and helpful, one day five years from now, maybe things will go my way. I want to give this girl the world. Otherwise, I couldn't sit through her problems. She loves South Park, and I'm all about that. I know that this scenario is all too common, so I want to know what you think. Is a friendzone inescapable, or is it possible to see light at the other end from Satan's bowels?

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