Let's just say we've come across a number of interesting crotch related thingies.

It's time to clear the pile of material that's been hoarded in the save crotch file on the ol' desktop.

There is no order here. It's a lot like sex. All over the place.

First, have you looked into the new app update for a sex toy company called Lovense that lets people control their toys using Alexa?

And second, how about the porn company that is offering a new service to digitally insert you into pornos using artificial intelligence....so it'll look like you're the one getting-it-on. Would you like porn more if YOU were the star?

Well now you can have that, without any of the actual sex-on-camera that's required (--uh, where's the fun in that?)

Basically, they take a bunch of pictures of you, and then use artificial intelligence to blend you with the porn star you'll be replacing.  So yeah, it'll look just like you're getting-it-on, even though it never really happened.These kinds of videos are called "deepfakes"  and they also happen to be super controversial. Right now they're almost seamless enough to look totally real . . . so once the techniques get a little better, people could put anyone into porn, make fake videos of politicians saying whatever they want, and so many other nightmare scenarios

You can email deepfakes@naughtyamerica.com, but this link might be safer for all parties involved. Thank you, Naughty America.

More to come.

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