The City of Richland will host a grand opening ceremony on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 10:00 am to recognize the completion of recent Queensgate Drive Improvements. The event will take place at 691 Windmill Road in Richland. The corridor improvements began in the Spring 2018 and include the addition of two roundabouts.
One roundabout was constructed at the intersection of the eastbound ramp terminal of I-182 and a second was installed at the Queensgate Drive/Columbia Park Trail intersection. The project also included additional improvements to Keene Road, Columbia Park Trail, and Jericho Road.
Grand Opening Invite Queensgate August 29
Grand Opening Invite Queensgate August 29
The improvements are the result of a 2015 Queensgate Corridor Study and address congestion and safety concerns in this growing area of Richland.
Northbound traffic on Queensgate will be directed to the I-182 eastbound onramp. Traffic heading towards Duportail Street will be detoured to the Keene Road & Duportail Street intersection. The westbound onramp to I-182 will only be accessible through Duportail Street.
The big hang up seems to be the lack of knowledge as to who has the right of way between those merging onto I-182 from the north and south directions off of Queensgate. Patience and attention until it gets all squared away.
Happy Motoring!

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