An Othello couple has taken their passion for the Seahawks to new heights, according to Q13 Fox News, and they're on your side. 

Sharon and Roger Ensz live about an hour north of us Tri-Citians in Othello, and they live for the Seahawks in and around their house.

Courtesy Fox Q13

Four years ago, Sharon asked her husband to paint their home with Seahawks colors, logos and all things 12. And faster than Shawn Alexander used to run out of bounds, they went after it big time; down to every gutter and window painted with Seahawks shades.

But it’s not just the house. No, no, no, my friends, that is not enough. They have a truck, boat and four-wheeler; all sporting the unmistakable markings of team blue and green.

The Enszes say people travel from all over the state to see their house and one particular day definitely draws more than others:

“We get a thousand people for Halloween,” Sharon said. “We’ll get a couple hundred people just to do Seahawks pictures around the house. It brings people together.”

Seahawks offensive lineman George Fant and Germain Ifedi even visited the house in 2017. (Ifedi was flagged for a false start when he moved forward too quickly to come inside the house and scrunched his nose against the screen door. Kidding.)

Courtesy Fox Q13

The Ensz home isn’t the only work they’ve done to stylize after the Hawks. Roger works as a contractor and helped create the Hawks Landing apartments. Of course he helped create the Hawks Landing apartments.

Click the link in the first sentence of the post for a video and impressive 20-picture photo gallery of the spread.

Go Hawks!!