The NCAA field is set for the College Basketball National Championship and your bracket awaits.

I used to pore over the picks tirelessly. Now, I've even entertained hitting auto-fill than really scope the details of it all, but I'm deathly afraid the auto-fill would beat my bones badly overall, so not just yet on the auto-fill.

I wondered about employers, mine included, about ignoring the tournament, turning a blind-eye to the sneaking looks at work and/or actually watching live streaming games or straight up embracing it and having fun!

Town Square Tri-Cities says bring it on!


By some analysts estimates, the NCAA dance starting Thursday will cost an estimated $2.1 BILLION in lost productivity. But they say it MIGHT be worth it, since office pools can boost morale and camaraderie. The average pool's entry fee is around $22 and just over 2 in 5 will participate. A full three-quarters (75%) are motivated by a good cash prize.

A cool million for a perfect bracket, $10,000 for 60 or more correct predictions and the best Columbia Basin bracket wins a 55" HDTV Flat Screen from Uncle Sam's Saloon!

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