The Brad has seen the Savage Henrys a few times at local venues but I got my first introduction last night when Chris Miller came over and asked if their rehearsal was going to disrupt my al fresco dinner of hotdogs and Cheetos. After finishing I swung over to drop off some freshly-baked cookies and checked out their recording session. I just missed bass player Robert Eychaner but got a chance to chat with guitarist and singer Joe Undem, drummer Chris Miller and recording engineer John Smith. The Savage Henrys will be in Tacoma this weekend, but you can catch the trio in Heppner, Oregon on Jan. 14. They played to a solid crowd in the Tri-Cities on New Year's Eve and will tour around a bit before doing another local show.

The bass is obviously missing from the recording here, but you can see their instrumental talents and cohesiveness. They let me listen to a previously recorded track and I was really impressed with their musicality. The Savage Henrys reminded me of a jazz trio... if that makes any sense at all.