So I'm randomly searching through the intergalactic-webby-thingy last night and I come across this crazy website that says your computer can produce the scent of certain pictures through your speakers by a series of audio wave movements. Now this got my attention!!


I'm listening to 97 Rock online searching the web for the next big thing that's gonna make me rich and I come across The Scent of A Picture website where a group of Swiss scientists have been able to get the smell of certain pictures to come through your computer speakers. After the initial "bull sh&%" comment and thoughts, I was intrigued and had to try it out and it blew my mind.

Check out this article from on what else your speakers can do, other than play music.

Here's how it works:

Have your computer speakers easily accessible so you don't have to lean too far forward to catch the smell then click on any of the 3 pictures below and quickly run your mouse pointer over the picture for :10. Now I know this is gonna sound stupid but lean forward towards your computer speakers and enjoy. The chocolate chip cookie picture is insane how strong the smell comes off.


Orange Slices






Chocolate Chip Cookie







A Rose







Well hopefully everything worked for you and you smelt the roses. As for a couple of great employees I work with the smell wasn't so promising as all of this was done as a complete prank. Check out the videos below of 2 of my favorite employees and me having some fun with them. Let's just say I won't be attending any of their dinner invites anytime soon. Thanks Lindsay and Christina!!

Now that you know this is a prank I want you to do your best filming your friends taking a whiff of their speakers. If you can get them to fall for it send your videos to so we can share with the world. Happy Pranking!!