Every NFL team has an army of specialists.

Team doctor? Check.

Weight trainer? Check.

Equipment manager? Check.

Sideline shrink? Wait ... what?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Seattle Seahawks can answer yes to that last one -- they have their own sports psychologist, Michael Gervais.

The Seahawks have rarely been beaten for the past few years, which is about how long Gervais has been with the team. Maybe that's no coincidence.

They're fast, tough and can take on anything. So who knows? It might very well have something to do with having a therapist hanging out on the sidelines to keep them calm and focused.

Offensive line and assistant head coach Tom Cable says:

We are an incredibly mindful team.  If I can understand someone like (guard) James Carpenter at a higher and deeper level, then I reach him further in terms of getting him to be the best he can be.


The Seahawks will probably win the Super Bowl this Sunday if they can keep it together, and it looks like Gervais is going to make sure that happens.

Love it.

Getty Images/Rob Carr
Getty Images/Rob Carr

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