We threw the question out to you on Facebook and hundreds of you responded.

We now know who's got the best Fry Sauce in the Tri-Cities and we'll see if you agree with the winner.

I don't know about you but I LOVE Fry Sauce.

I always get extra for my fries and burger because I love to bathe my food in it. We threw the question out to you on our KEY Facebook page and one thing we learned is that people really love their fry sauce.

There were a ton of responses but two places kept rising to the top of the Fry Sauce heap and I don't it comes as a surprise to the folks in Tri-Cities who the Fry Sauce Champion is...

Burger Ranch was a close first but drum roll please....according to our unofficial poll ... the winner is...ZIPS!

We know some may disagree so we are going to do a REAL poll recount - If you prefer Burger Ranch or Zips as the best Fry Sauce in Tri-Cities - take the poll below and let us know what you really think and we'll share the results in a few days!

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