Turn your lights on.

That's the first and foremost thing to get on the record. Even the Kennewick Police Department felt it necessary to explain the math behind visibility and distance in these smoky, hazy conditions very similar to fog in the wintertime.

If persons or vehicles are not clearly discernible at a distance of one thousand feet, you need those headlights and other lighting equipment on (RCW 46.37.020).

Moving on, everybody thinks they're a good driver. But spend 30 seconds on any Columbia Basin main thoroughfare or bridge during peak drive time hours and you know it's not true. Here are the top ten signs according to a new survey that says you, yes YOU are a bad driver.

1. Excessive speeding. 61% said it means you're a bad driver. But over 40% admitted THEY like to drive fast. Oh, and one in three think speed limits are "just a suggestion." I think I know a few of those people, how about you?

2. Cutting people off. 54% said, duh, bad driver. This one gets me the most. You can't POSSIBLY be in that big of a hurry.

3. Tailgating. 44% call it unacceptable, me, I have zero issue with it. If you hit me, it's your fault. Period. You could be six inches or sixty feet behind me and I couldn't care less. Eyes forward, baby.

4. Constant road rage. 43.5% flagged this as bad. And the other 56.5%? You're okay with constant road rage? Whew.

5. Using your horn too much. 38.6% noted this one, seems like it would be much more prevalent in big cities, I haven't experienced it much around here, unless the other bonehead really needs to wake up!

6. Not using turn signals. 38% are not down with this. This one is much higher for me. I can't tell you how many accidents I've almost been in because someone was signaling to turn and THEN THEY DIDN'T TURN and then they look at me like I'm the jackass for turning in front of them, etc.

7. Driving with one hand on the wheel. 29% in the survey cite this as a bad driver's habit, but, how about, no hands? Anyone knee steer on a regular basis? Asking, you know, for a very reckless friend.

8. Talking too much while you drive. Either to passengers or on the phone, 29% find this a bad driving habit.

9. Leaving your high beams on when you don't need them. 25% say bad drivers do this, the other 75% were blinded, wrecked into a ditch and could not be reached for comment.

10. Singing along to the radio. 18% of respondents called this bad driving? I'm glad I don't know any of you 18%.

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The survey also found 56% of us wouldn't date someone if we thought they were a bad driver.  And 78% said the way you drive says a lot about your personality.

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