Velva Denton is 101-years old and begins each day on her treadmill around 4:00 a.m. as it's darn near impossible for her to stay in bed past that as she says, "My body gets tired of being in just kind of spits me out"

Denton grew up an active child in The Dalles, climbing trees and playing school football?

She played in grade school as there weren't enough boys to fill a team. Never still, she played all high school sports and is perpetually happy as long as she is in motion. When her husband was alive, she often ran six miles as he biked along her side. The couple and their two children spent plenty of time outdoors, camping, hiking and fishing.

Denton who has a flock of grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren, retired from her communications job at the Eastern Oregon State Hospital 36 years ago at age 65.

After workout number one it's time for breakfast and then off to the athletic club for another mile on the treadmill and a workout class.

And then it's back for yet another afternoon exercise session with a friend in tow.

Denton still drives, takes no medications and is so sharp, people are beguiled at her advanced age and legendary inspiration, which of course, she downplays.

Inclement weather? Pish posh. She'll take a taxi making sure to call the gym first and make sure the de-icer has been applied.

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