This is how you not only wreck your car,endanger the lives of others but also score several tickets all at once!

upside down car KPD

Not only was the driver of this car on her cell phone which is against the law she also had expired tabs and no insurance...OUCH

A vehicle was driving west on Okanogan Place and the driver was one her cell phone, lost control of her car and hit a light pole. The vehicle rolled and landed on the roof. The driver said she was not injured. She received notice of infractions for using her cell phone while driving, wheels off the roadway, no vehicle insurance and expired vehicle registration.

Currently there is a new bill being considered by legislators in Olympia that entails:

House Bill 1371 and Senate Bill 5289 would rewrite current law to make it illegal for a driver to hold a hand-held device while driving on a public roadway, including while in traffic. Currently, it is illegal if caught texting or holding a phone to the ear while driving and is a $136 infraction. Under the new measure the penalty for caught holding a cellphone, tablet or other electronic device would double for second and subsequent offenses within five years. The initial infraction would remain $136.



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