It's going to be spring before long and I know you're itching to hit the road. You might be thinking of a road trip and I've got a doozy of one if you've never been there before. It's about 50 miles away from Pasco, as you head north to Spokane and it's close to Connell.

It's right in the heart of Washtucna where you'll find the Graffiti Bus also known as #thatNWbus. The bus has a long and colorful history and it's always changing. The old school bus has been sitting out in the wild since 1974 and through the years has become quite the roadside attraction.

#thatNWbus Gallery

The bus changes its colors because artists come from far and wide to spray paint the bus with graffiti and visitors love taking photos with the bus. You'll also sometimes find leftover paint spray cans that allow you to add your own artistic flair to the bus.

The bus has been moved from its original location by the Washtucna Heritage Museum and there are hopes of building a park around the bus, inviting visitors and travelers to check out the landmark.

If you are trying to reach the bus, it's located on Highway 260, about eight miles south of the tiny town of Washtucna. You can Google it and it'll take you right to its location or click on this link.

The bus has a ton of social media pages as well from Facebook to Instagram.

If you've been looking for a cool road trip, this might be one worth checking out.

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