Free Beer and the guys discussed the story of Elijah Earnheart, a young man from Texas who has been banned from playing peewee football because, at almost 300 pounds, he is simply too big. The weight limit for seventh-graders is 135 pounds. Young Earnheart is well over twice that size.

“The kid is bigger than some NFL players,” said Hot Wings. “He weighs twice as much as me … he’s two of me.”

Yet what seems like a cut and dry case of basic common sense has been complicated by the coaches and Cindy Earnheart, the boy’s mother. Elijah was apparently led to believe that he would be able to play. And now that he’s been barred from playing with his friends and peers, his mom is protesting.

“This coach is a dumbass,” said Zane. “He allowed this to happen.” We have to agree. If he wants to be playing, he should be out there with some older kids. Even if he doesn’t have the experience, normal-sized human beings will still bounce off of him like quarters on a trampoline.

Also, it isn’t a good sign when the kid is saying this:

I’m not sad, I’m mad that I don’t get to play. I’ve been practicing for three weeks.

Earnheart would literally kill one of his peers if he tackled them, even in good spirits. Now that he’s angry? The kids would disintegrate.

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