Today, November 16th, is National Fast Food Day, and it got me wondering if Tri-Citians are leaning more toward the established chain restaurants or would they prefer to patronize the local eateries instead. And with the pending scaled back restrictive options on dining, the fast food experience will be the go-to meal for many. Each day, 37% of us eat fast food according to the CDC.  And around 11% of all the calories we eat come from fast food.

I'm on a kick lately where if I chow fast food, I'll try and make a choice that isn't too calorie laden and has some healthy benefits, like Wendy's. I like their variety of salads and for whatever reason a big old baked potato with most of the fixins always hits the spot for me. These days, I'm much more likely to do fast food at breakfast than any other meal.

McDonald's oatmeal is very tasty and a real good value for the money, but if I want a little more luxury, Starbucks' blueberry oatmeal is a bit pricier, and you have to add your own sweetener, but hey, you know, first world problems.

If it's a burger, it's Zips for me. Sure they're proud, but the tub of fries coupled with a Belly Buster and a chocolate shake? Yessir. Jack in the Box, Carl's Jr. and some even lesser known burger joints are not even in my consideration sphere. A Burger King Whopper special offered through their app is possible if I'm not doing Zips, if a burger at all.

Tumbleweeds gets my south of border jones satisfied if I'm in the mood for tacos, but I'm not above scoring a free Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell with their World Series, "Steal a Base, Steal a Taco" promotion. Then, I realize I go to Taco Bell only a couple of times a year for a reason.

Pizza is easy. For my taste, the national chains have nothing on Hubby's, Brickhouse or Casa Mia. Round Table is franchised, I believe, but they're high quality, too.

I could go on and on, but I'd rather ask, "What say you?"

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