Who doesn't love Spike TV's "Bar Rescue"? I tended bar a long time and DJ'd in clubs even longer. I can attest Jon Taffer knows what he's talking about. If he came to Tri-Cities here are the five things I KNOW he would tell everyone:

First, I want to make clear I'm not bashing ANYONE. Washington state is one of the most difficult places to succeed running a bar PERIOD.

And what do I know? Back in college I worked for a successful dance/comedy club owner in Moscow, Idaho. He was old school and knew his stuff -- could throw bottles and everything. What I see on "Bar Rescue" falls right in line with what I learned from that first boss that I had.

Nobody likes to be told that, professionally, they're doing their job incorrectly and don't have a clue. But the fact is most business owners don't take classes to know how to do it. They take chances and learn on their own. All business owners make mistakes, so do bar owners.

Here are five things all Tri-Cities bars could do better:

1. Knowing the importance of a good drink.

Look at your bar. How good are your bartenders at making good drinks? Most are not free pour, which makes it easier, but you still have to put things in the right order, and you have to be quick.

2. Perfect the drink list.

Most bars have too long a list. It needs to be spectacular and your bartenders need to know how to make every single drink on your drink list.

3. Promotion.

Do all kinds of promotion. You name it, they need to do it. And not just advertisements, but ideas... things to get people in your door. Most bars don't advertise.

4. Bars need to realize they make their money behind the bar.

Comedy shows, cover charges -- all of that stuff is negative if it isn't directed to get people to your bar. The whole point of a comedy show is to sit people down so you can serve them drinks. It's not to make money on ticket sales. Everything in your bar should be structured to make money behind the bar. That's where you win.

5. Make sure all of your employees are a good representation of what you want your bar to be.

Is your staff friendly, courteous, hard working, caring, fast, honest, etc.? All bars have employees they put up with and they don't realize what kind of damage those employees are doing to their image.