There are some great songs out there. Songs that have made a mark on our lives forever. But some of those songs I just do not need to hear again. Maybe partying but that's it. These songs have all done some serious good or damage to our life's. Some of them have won awards but I am ok with never hearing them again.

Here is my list.

#1  Led Zepplin - 'Stariway to Heaven' - Love this tune and the number one song of the Millennium.

#2  Billy Idol - 'Mony Mony' This song is always fun to party to but everyone plays it all of the time so I am done.

#3  Lynyrd Skynyrd - 'Free Bird' There will never be another song like this one. In my opinion it beats out 'Stairway to Heaven'. But I have heard it to much. I'm done.

#4  Queen - 'Bohemiem Rhapsody' One of the best songs that is out there but to much for me. Queen is my 3 favorite band though. Some of there songs I could hear over and over and not get sick of them.

#5  Def Leppard - 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' the remix. Great tune but when they remixed it I thought it sucked but that is what everyone plays.

#6  Joan Jett - 'I love Rock n' Roll' She is my favorite woman singer but when ever we go out people put this on the Juke Box over and over. UGH.

#7  Garth Brooks - 'Friends In Low Place' I really don't like Garth Brooks anyway but this song... Holy Crap. No matter who the person is or what kind of music they like this song gets played after everyone is drunk and they sing it loud. Yuk!

#8  Scorpions - 'Rock You Like A Hurricane'  Scorps are my 5 favorite band but to much of a good thing is never always good.

#9  Katie Perry - 'I Kissed A Girl And I Like It' My kids love this song which is why I hate it.  Now that they are getting older they get the song.

#10  Nirvana - 'Smells Like Teen Spirti' When this song came out my friend would rewind it and listen to it like ten times in a row. I thought I was going to shoot myself. HA But love the band.


I like everyone of these bands but this is just a list of what I am OK with never hearing again, ever.