It's not the first time that a fan has gone overboard at a professional sporting event, but I think this is the first time I have seen it at this magnitude.

Toronto Blue Jay Third Basemen and native Canadian Brett Lawrie was called out on a a couple of bogus...and I mean BOGUS...strike calls. Lawrie then had a few choice words for Home Plate Umpire Bill Miller. Miller ejects Lawrie from the game, and the irate third basemen then throws his helmet at the ground in Miller's direction. The helmet bounces off the ground and into Miller, which is bringing Lawrie a 4 game suspension, but what happened at the end of the game was the worst act of the whole scenario.

As Miller and the umpiring crew are leaving the field, a "knucklehead" Canadian hucks a cup full of beer at Miller. Wow...dood must be so drunk he forgot he just dropped $10+ dollars on that beer. What a waste.

Check out the footage below:

(If the video isn't displayed above, then it has been removed from YouTube. To search YouTube for
more videos of the incident, click here.)


As a fan of the game, its sad and pretty pathetic to watch someone act like that. Its one thing to heckle/yell at a player or umpire/referee, but actually throwing things that could physically harm someone is over the top. I'm not sure what happened to the fan, but considering the uniformed office in front of Miller, I would guess the fan wasn't spending the night in his own comfy bed.

I have to mention this...Manny Malito, one of the co-hosts from Washington Sports Network's The Blitz, which you can catch Saturday mornings from 10:30am-11:30am on our sister station Newstalk 870 KFLD, made a perfect post on Facebook referencing those DirecTV commercials where if you do this, then this will happen. You know, like the one that says "Don't have a grand son with a dog collar"...check out his version using this incident:

Manny Malito Uses DirecTV Type Quote for Brett Lawrie and Bill Miller Incident

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