According to data released by CBS Sports Digital, there are some NFL franchises who are getting what might appear to be surprising support this season.

Now, it does not take into effect the NFL 'boycott' over kneeling is having on attendance. Overall, that has taken a noticeable dip across the league. TV rankings for certain games, especially Monday Night Football, have dropped significantly.

But as for which stadiums are packing in the most fans, the results are surprising. The Bottom Ten in terms of total fans in stands:

  • 32- Bengals,  just over 61,000 fans per game-well below stadium capacity.
  • 31-Tampa Bay
  • 30-Arizona Cardinals
  • 29-Baltimore Ravens
  • 28-Raiders

The Top Five:

  • 5- Denver Broncos
  • 4- New York Giants
  • 3- Washington Redskins
  • 2- Green Bay Packers
  • 1- Dallas Cowboys, who are averaging 84,080 at AT&T Stadium so far.

Seattle came in at #10 on the list.

Cowboys seeing the most fans at AT&T Stadium (Ronald Martinez)