After a Florida mom threw a fit, Toys R Us agreed to pull the "Breaking Bad" action figures from its shelves and online. I think this is silly. Kids will not be attracted to these toys unless they're fans of the show. If your child is a fan of the show, that's an issue with your parenting, not a store's choice of toy selection. My coworkers all disagree. What do you think?The toys were located next to other television show action figures like "The Walking Dead" and were displayed next to other "mature" toys. The packaging clearly says for ages 15 and up.

But the Florida mom says the action figure of Walter comes with a little bag of toy meth. There's just something deeply wrong and disturbing about that. Why does a meth dealer deserve an action figure?

We asked our listeners and a caller said, "If they pull those toys, what about the video games for adults with murdering and scantily-clad women on the covers? Won't children see and be influenced by those as well?" Good argument!