Did you know the Tri-Cities area has over 300,000 people living in it?

The growth of our area has been staggering over the last two decades. The population of the Tri-Cities region was around 200,000 in 2000. As more people move in, the region becomes more attractive to big businesses.

New developments are seeing more chain stores and local businesses popping up.

The Queensgate area of Richland has seen Five Guys, Krispy Kreme, Crumbl Cookies, Panera Bread, and Habit Burger open up in recent years. But Kennewick and Pasco continue to grow and develop as well. In the near future, we'll see a second Costco location open up on Broadmoor Boulevard in Pasco. The Southridge area of Kennewick has a ton of potential, having welcomed a new Fairchild movie theater recently.

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What stores should come to Tri-Cities?

There has been a lot of mutual interest between Tri-Cities and Trader Joe's and residents won't have to drive too far to score some Popeyes Fried Chicken. Even though we've been quite spoiled lately, who says Tri-Cities can't have a wishlist of restaurants and stores that we'd like to see open in town?

Trader Joe's, Chick-fil-A, and 17 Other Stores Tri-Cities is Lusting For

With the population of Tri-Cities, Washington over 308,000 (as of 2021), the area is starting to see an influx of not just people, but popular chains. In a community that rabidly supports local business, big business is seeing dollar signs on the dusty horizons. Here are some chain stores and restaurants Tri-Cities doesn't yet have, but you could see in the future.

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