OK, not really...

5 people have died in our area because of flu complications, hospitals have seen a huge increase in ER patients, schools are getting hammered, some schools have seen a 50% increase of absences in staff.

The moral of the story: Keep your PETRI DISH self at home. Take the time to wash,wash,wash! especially hands,counters,grocery carts, dogs, cats, your Aunt Betrice...EVERYTHING!


I was at Walmart the other day and noticed a lady coughing up a storm, I wanted to walk up to her and say "excuse me Miss Germy Germeton from Germville" get your dehydrate butt home and stay there.


The most important thing is to protect yourself and others. If your kid is showing any symptoms, just hand him or her the TV remote and tell them to "STAY!"

Many pharmacies and health clinics offer flu immunizations. You also can make an appointment at the Benton Franklin Health District.