It's that time of the year where people are hacking and sniffling and battling colds while the rest try to avoid those who have caught the bug! I have been lucky enough in the past few years to avoid the flu, but this year Gaylord Focker and I decided to tackle the influenza virus head on and get ourselves vaccinated. In steps Tri-Cities Community Health to save us from the flu season.

Dr. Martinez and Nurse Nancy of Tri-Cities Community Health were kind enough to come into the 97 Rock studios Thursday morning to not only stick needles into our arms but to also talk about the importance and the misinformation associated with the influenza vaccine, or flu shot.

Take a listen to the chat below and to setup an appointment for your flu shot call (509) 547-2204 or visit

Tri-Cities Community Health accepts most insurances, in addition TCCH accepts Medicare and Medicaid. TCCH also provides service for patients that do not have an ability to pay for quality healthcare.

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