Another food truck has made it's way to the Tri-Cities with a different flair. ROMA Charcuterie specializes in just that.

What exactly is "charcuterie?"

From what I gathered from Google and Wikipedia, it's all about meat. Sausage, ham, etc. Although, it's not only about pork. Add cheese, fruit, and nuts, and you have charcuterie.

Credit: ROMA Charcuterie Facebook
Credit: ROMA Charcuterie Facebook

The ROMA Food Truck was inspired by two local interior designers who wanted to bring something new and different to the area.

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Marina Alburquerque and Roberta Chalaris-Davis brought their idea to life. According to their website:

Our truck was born when we found ourselves craving for a business that would serve charcuterie at our local wineries. A lot of research happened prior to our release and we went down on this journey of immersing ourselves in finding local cheese producers, honey tasting, jam try outs, test trying unique imported meats , having friends over to brainstorms flavor combinations,...After months of curating the best of the best we started the journey of creating a menu that would work for a remote kitchen and it would pair well with our wine community.

Where can you find the Roma Charcuterie Food Truck?

You can find the ladies and their ROMA Food Truck popping up at various wineries throughout Tri-Cities.

Charcuterie plates for one person, two, and groups of people are available. You have your choice of meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, and chocolate truffles. I'm hungry as I type.

Our local news partners at KNDU produced a nice feature.

Charcuterie for Christmas paired with your favorite wines, bring it.

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