Never one to be deterred, despite having her political clock cleaned running for a Richland City Council seat, Lisa Rector Thomas has now set her sights on the Governor's mansion in Olympia.

Thomas is one of 25 or so people who have filed to run for Governor. You can catch all of the candidates who have declared so far, here.

As one might expect, given what has transpired over the past couple of local election cycles, the reception regarding her announcement on every forum and platform I've seen has not been warm, quite the contrary, its been overwhelmingly negative, and sometimes the comments go into the multi-hundreds. There is an interest in this woman, bordering on obsession, and I guess I'm guilty as charged in that arena, as I compose this piece, is it almost like our local Tiger King? Cougar Queen? Quick, call Netflix.

Thomas' supporters point out she recently put together a GoFundMe page to raise money to sue current Governor Jay Inslee over his stay-at-home orders and it has raised $40,000, so she must be ready to step-up to the big stage. You mean, like Inslee thought he could be President?

Courtesy of Fox Searchlight
Courtesy of Fox Searchlight

This piece is not posted to dig up the past. No one truly knows what has transpired between Thomas and the various men in her life except she and the fellas. It is their business and not ours, until it's not possible to not get involved because of the insistence of airing dirty laundry to whatever platform that will perpetuate it.

From simple photo-ops to policy discussions to personal issues, when one runs for public office and puts ones life under the spotlight, not everything turns out pretty, sometimes it turns out petty, and its made worse by public comments and challenges that were investigated and dismissed, but the outcomes are not what was desired/expected so they are not accepted? Is that how the plan to govern works, too?

I'm not being cavalier, here, however, there is not a chance she can win, why put herself and her family through it?

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