Monday and Tuesday saw a rainy Tri-Cities and now, one weather expert is saying Friday (November 4) will be bringing the wind and not just the typical Tri-Cities windy fare.

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Mark Ingalls is a friend of mine and he seems to know everything about the weather around here even if he insists he doesn't. I typically turn to him when I want to know about an upcoming winter. So, when he says the wind will come a-blowin', I listen to him. Mark says that wind gusts throughout our region could hit 40-50 MPH, with Rattlesnake Mountain bracing for gusts around 70 MPH. Tri-Cities should expect gusts of 20-30 MPH. Mark warns of possible power outages, difficulty driving on major highways like 395, and as always, flying trampolines.

What's the cause of this impending windstorm?

As you probably know, the weather isn't isolated and various storms and systems can find their way to Washington from places you wouldn't consider. This particular system in question is between San Francisco and Hawaii and is believed to clash with a system that hasn't even been formed yet near British Columbia, Canada.

Oh, yeah. It could snow.

Don't freak out about too much snow, but Mark has indicated that "It is true that some snowflakes are possible in the Columbia Basin next week."

My advice? Get to the stores now to get a shovel and salt melt before winter officially arrives. You don't want to be in need when the stock is bare.

Things That Can Blow Away in a Tri-Cities, Washington Windstorm

Well-known for its wine and rivers, Tri-Cities is also notorious for its wind. The curvature of the basin and proximity to the river makes the howling, swirling winds feel just as at home here as we do. Don't be surprised to see some of these objects get some "mad air" as a good ol' fashioned windstorm stirs it up! Whether it's a trampoline in Pasco or a screen door in Kennewick, make sure you've got everything secured.

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