Washington State Patrol has increased the number of officers on the roads in an effort to reduce serious injury accidents and find those driving under the influence.

Friday night into Saturday morning, WSP Trooper Chris Thorson took to social media to document a few incidents.

In another stop, Officer Thorson stopped a speeding vehicle, where the man jumped out of his seat locked the car. The suspect told Thorson, "Get a warrant.”

So, that's what he did. After a warrant was issued, officers determined the suspect was a 20-year-old convicted felon in possession of a gun.

Courtesy of WSP

The suspect also had a huge amount of THC cartridges.

Courtesy of WSP

Thorson reminds motorists to secure their loads. On his patrol, he came across a children's play structure in the middle of I-182 in Richland.

Law enforcement will be conducting extra patrols looking for impaired drivers through New Year's Eve.

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