Pete Carroll is making the same face I made yesterday after trying to buy single game tickets.

For those of you that do not know, Seahawks single game tickets went on sale Monday morning at 10am. I was using both my phone and my computer to buy tickets, but came up empty.

I had logged into Ticketmaster a half an hour early to make sure I was in the right spot for the right games I was looking for. Right at 10am they became available and the links opened. I searched for "any seat" and "any price" for 3 tickets. The site thought for a second, then it came up "nothing available". I tried it again for 2 tickets with the same result. This whole time I was also trying to call Ticketmaster on my phone but it was busy the whole time.

Here is the worst part. I got through to Ticketmaster on the phone about 3 minutes til 10 and thought I had it, but I should have known. The guy asks me what tickets I was looking for and I answer Seahawks tickets. He kinda laughs then tells me that they don't go on sale til 10 which is in 3 minutes, and he can only hold a call for 2. I ask "so you won't sell me tickets because I missed the window by about 30 seconds?".

You already know the answer...Check the face