One of the ways Oreo is celebrating its 100th birthday is by letting you send smartphone coupons for  cookies to your friends. But why send cookies when you can send a beer?

The new third-party app Tweet-a-Beer connects Twitter and PayPal accounts with the end-goal of allowing you to send $5 in beer money to a pal. Two drinking buddies from Portland came up with the idea to “ensure that distance, agoraphobia, and gang rivalries no longer prevent you from sharing a pint.”

Essentially you’re just sending someone five bucks and they can do with it whatever they want, but as the site’s FAQ says, “We recommend using it for beer, because it’s beer.” And who can argue with logic like that?

No way yet to send only a buck to your PBR-drinking friends, but look at this way: your $5 gift will go a really long way with those folks.

[Via Tweet-a-Beer]