Wow! There are a ton of social media hangouts around our lives now. Pinterest, MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ... Although I use a ton of them, I forget to log on to most every day except Twitter. I get my show prep from there, what I am going to watch on TV from there -- and even whether someone in the rock world has had a birthday, died or maybe killed somebody.

I find out before the rest of the world all because of Twitter.

It is face-paced and there isn't a bunch of crying going on. There isn't enough room to write a big old rant on Twitter.

You have to get to the point and move on. It is cool too because you can link to a website or a picture or even someone's Facebook. So on Twitter, I could just key in the words 'Quit Bitching' hastag #Bitching, hashtag #stupidgirl and then link to that crybaby's website. See? I got to the point and moved on before it engulfed anyone's life.

Twitter is the best. Check it out and you can follow me ... bitching or not at

Though I admit I still like going to MySpace from time to time to check up on music social media, I think Twitter is more fun, informative and not annoying.

Which social medium is your favorite? Take the poll and we shall see whether everyone agrees with me.



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