It was only a matter of time before beer lovers developed useful smart phone apps.

Untappd is a mobile-based phone and web application that lets users “check-in” beers that they’re drinking, kind of like Foursquare for alcoholics. They borrow Foursquare’s API mapping, so you can also check-in to the bar where you are drinking said beer.

Much like Foursquare, Untappd allows you to earn badges for various events — from a “St. Patty’s Day” badge for a holiday check-in and a “Beer Connoisseur” badge that you can earn by drinking five different beers from five different countries. The app also recommends beers that you might like based on your past beer check-ins. If only it recommended places to eat late night and the phone number of local rehab centers.

The Untappd app is free and can be integrated with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to let your friends, family and strangers know it’s 10:30 am on a Monday and you’re drinking again.

[Via Untappd]