Ochoa Middle School (google maps)
Ochoa Middle School (google maps)


Update in the Pasco hit-and-run case

 Pasco PD says suspect vehicle located, possible suspect driver in custody

An update in the 7:17 AM hit-and-run in front of Ochoa Middle School. Earlier today we reported: 

Pasco Police are searching for a dark or deep Navy Blue Chevy HHR or Chrysler PT Cruiser after a vehicle slammed into a student prior to school in Pasco Friday morning,

Police said around 7:17 AM Friday morning (April 22nd) the student was walking on the sidewalk in front of the school when the vehicle, which was speeding, drove up onto the sidewalk, hitting the student.

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The vehicle was headed east on Sheppard, the street that runs in front of the school.

The car sped off then turned south away from the school, and the witness to the incident lost sight of them.

 Now, police say the suspect vehicle has been located, and a potential suspect driver is in custody. No other details released, we expect more information soon. 


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