(Seattle, WA) -- Mt. Rainier did not erupt Wednesday.  Despite what appeared to be  a formation of steam hovering at the top, the U.S. Geological Survey says it was simply a cloud above the peak.  Scientists add there are no indications of unusual seismic activity.  The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network monitors earthquakes and volcanoes and the seismic and infra sound network would've shown evidence of a seismic event

Statement from the USGS:

 "A new vent has NOT opened on the volcano.

After looking at the data we collect, the USGS seismic network does not show any unusual levels of activity coming from Mount Rainier. We have coordinated with our colleagues at the National Park Service and their boots on the ground experts are suggesting it is a lenticular cloud, a very interesting cloud formation at Mount Rainier. Lenticular clouds are often formed when moist air is pushed up and over the top of a mountain, forming a disc shaped cloud. The webcam views from Paradise and Camp Schurman show the flow of the cloud over the top from a different view. In this case, it is likely related to related to a passing weather front.

The Mount Rainier seismic network jointly operated by the USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory and the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network shows no indications of unrest. By coincidence, there are USGS Cascades Volcano Observatory field teams at Mount Rainier this week to install a new volcano monitoring station. They have also confirmed that there has been no new activity.'

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