A few weeks ago, we told you about an unbelievably spectacular treehouse in Redmond, WA available to rent out.

I came across a sweet looking A-Frame cabin in Packwood looks like the perfect get-away in these times of forced isolation.

The cabin, hosted by AirBnB user Cedar, rents for $276 per night. It is described as follows:
"Our original 1960's A-frame cabin is nestled (a literal stone's-throw) between the Cowlitz River and Coal Creek...surrounded by unobstructed river and mountain views within beautiful National Forest. The feeling of being here can only be understood by experiencing it!"

While secluded in the woods, the cabin still includes modern-day amenities like TV, a washing machine, hair dryer and heat.

It is located on the banks of the Cowlitz River and Coal Creek, "just around the bend from 'downtown' Packwood, and a short drive to Mt. Rainier National Park, White Pass Ski Area, and beautiful hiking trails."

If the online reviews are any indication, this place seems to be a bargain for the scenery, tranquility and comfort provided. If you and some friends want to get away, the cabin holds up to six guests with three beds (only one bedroom, however) and one bathroom. Personally, I think a rendezvous with just me and my sweetie are plenty of people.  ;)

Here are some pretty stunning photos of what else you can expect:

Cabin in woods near Packwood

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