Van Halen is the greatest rock band in the world, in my opinion! My bucket list of meeting all of them past and present, has almost been fulfilled. The only one I have met yet is my favorite. Eddie Van Halen.I even got to meet his son, Wolfgang Van Halen, some time ago in Sacramento CA. Some day I will, but for now I just keep turning up their music.

I remember when this song came out and I also remember being glad that my LDS mom didn't see what they looked like. The fact that Michael Anthony had a Jack Daniels emblem on his bass guitar would have been enough for her not to get me the album.

Thank god and Eddie Van Halen that she didn't look at the pictures she only heard the tune. HA

Van Halen on April 28th 1979 charted with this amazing tune. 'Dance The Night Away' and what dancing I have done!

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