A trail camera in Yellowstone National Park recently recorded a wolverine scampering through a wooded area. Sightings of these reclusive animals are rare.

Exact wolverine populations in Yellowstone National Park are not known, because the animal is seldom seen by park officials. Wolverines are more active in the colder months, and often show up near live traps set within the park to monitor animal populations.

Wolverines are most commonly found in the northwestern United States, in the mountains of Washington State, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Wyoming. Adult males tend to weigh on average about 40 pounds, while females generally don't grow to more than 30 pounds.

A January 14, 2021 upload to YouTube, shows footage of a wolverine captured within Yellowstone National Park boundaries earlier this week. Only seven of these animals were documented in the park between 2006 and 2009.

An effort to list the animal on the nation's endangered species list was withdrawn in 2014 by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Sightings are extremely rare, according to The Wolverine Foundation, a non-profit organization that studies populations in the country.

Wolverine hunts are common in the northwest part of the United States, particularly in Alaska. They are the largest of the Mustelidae family, and are very effective hunters.

There are hundreds of trail cameras set up throughout the park, and sightings still are a rarity. It's a good feeling to get confirmation that these animals are alive and thriving in the northwest. Park visitors are more likely to catch a glimpse of the animal if they avoid highly populated areas.

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