15 days behind bars and 15 days of house arrest was the sentence given out to Motley Crue Vocalist, Vince Neil. Neil pled guilty in Las Vegas Justice Court last month to Driving Under the Influence . He will also pay a $585 fine and attend DUI school and attend a victim impact panel online. Apparently thats too much for Vince...

Neil told the Las Vegas Sun: "They were a little harsh in the sentencing. But they wanted to make an example out of me, and it is what it is. … It's not bad, but it's still jail. Jail is jail."

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I would have to say that Neil got off pretty...PRETTY easy considering what happened in 1984 with "Razzle".

What do you think, was Neil made-an-example-of, or did he get off too easy? Tell us in the comments below.