A viral thread on Twitter helped people realize just how terrifying it would have been to be aboard the Titanic as it sank. Now some people are even calling for a horror movie to be made about the tragic event.

Twitter user @sagistarbb started things off by pointing out that it would have been "pitch black" when the infamous ship sank in the early morning hours of April 15, 1912.

They also noted how the reality would have compared to the already high-stakes situation that played out in the 1997 movie adaptation Titanic. Fictional characters Rose (Kate Winslet) and Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) didn't have it easy by any stretch of the imagination in the dramatized blockbuster. However, at least they could see what was happening.

"In the film everything is lit up, but when it actually happened no one could see anything," they wrote. "A huge structure buckling underneath them and all they could hear were screams & loud creaks of metal."

"Like could you IMAGINE getting punched into the sea before even realizing you were sinking," they asked in a follow-up tweet. "The true horror tbh."

Check out the original tweets below:

Another Twitter user piled on by sharing a video that claimed to display "a realistic playback of the night the Titanic sank." The video plays out over the course of nearly three hours and can be seen on YouTube here.

"They should remake the Titanic into a horror movie because honestly its [sic] terrifying seeing how it all went down minute by minute in this vid," the person added.

In a second tweet, they added that it took "3 hours for this ship to sink after hitting the iceberg." They added that most people didn't know what happened until it was almost too late.

Check out the tweets below:

A briefer video originally from TikTok (seen below) also made the rounds and gave viewers an idea of how dark it was down on the water line as the ship went under.

The ensuing thread saw people weighing in on the incomprehensible experience.

"Okay but then consider that you're being pulled under water by the force of a sinking ship and you can't see which way is up (because you can't see a single thing)," someone wrote. "So you can't decide which way to swim to save yourself bc you can't even see the bubbles coming from your own mouth."

The full-body shiver that imagining that evokes...

"Oh my goodness I just imagined swimming further and further and not realising that you're moving away from the surface and actually going deeper into the ocean," another person relied. "That's terrifying."

Others shared modern-day videos that showcase how dark it is in the middle of the ocean. One user even uploaded a first-person account of the sinking told by Titanic survivor Eva Hart.

Some people compared the reality to the cinematic retelling.

Scroll through these and some more of the responses, below:

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