Today, November 4th, marks 5 years since Washington and Colorado became the first states in the nation to legalize marijuana.

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The following is some perspective from an advocate, an entrepreneur, a researcher, and more--including those based in Washington and Colorado--who share their reflections on this historic anniversary.

FRANK LANE, President of CFN Media: "The US cannabis market continues to be murky until Federal laws adapt but states that have legalized are enjoying huge tax revenues and lower rates of opiod use among many benefits. 2018 will usher in California as the most populated US state yet, and the 6th biggest world economy, to legalize both adult use and medical marijuana and could serve as a shining example of the next great American industry"

JASON SANTOS, Founder of BurnTV: "The last 5 years have been very exciting and undeniably successful for the overall Cannabis Industry. During that time, we have seen the industry grow to over 50% of the states in this country offering some sort of legalization of cannabis, including some that have approved full recreational use, such as Washington and Colorado. While overall, the last 5 years have been considerably successful on a number of fronts such as access, tax revenues, and new jobs, there are still steep challenges that have been further compounded as a result of that success, such as banking and on going contradiction with federal laws."

WIL RALSTON, President of SinglePoint (OTCMKTS: SING): "Since Washington State and Colorado legalized recreational cannabis five years ago, we've seen their industries pull in massive tax revenues, reduce the sway of black markets, innovate new treatments for medical patients, and greatly add to the culture of their respective states. Today marks a reminder for any state considering legalization that, five years later, it's turned out exactly as well as we thought it would."

CHUCK SIEGEL, CEO of BloomBoss: "As the cultivation industry becomes more saturated there has been a paradigm shift from growing the most you can to growing the best that you can, with more and more consumers choosing to grow at home. Sustainability practices and 'craft' quality cannabis have emerged as topics tantamount in importance to massive production, implying today's cannabis professionals and consumers are more discerning and conscious than ever."

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Now, if someone could share how it's all supposed to be applied to places that soundly defeated the legalization measure to begin with, and how to retard the three-week skunk stench in Finley at harvest time, that would be great, please come forward with possible solutions.